Safe drilling, experienced operators and up to date equipment.

The Dongara Drilling and Electrical Drilling Division primarily delivers water supply and test drilling, test holes and sampling, earth gridding as well as vacuum drilling.

All our drilling equipment is supported by back up trucks and associated equipment including air compressors and mud pumps.

Rig 1

Custom made universal mud and air on 6WD, down hole hammer gear.

Rig 2

Trailer mounted based on Gemco design with 250 CFM compressor with down hole hammer, RAB, auger and hollow stem augers for sampling. Working depth to 60 metres.

Rig 3

EVH Tractor (Kubota) mounted 4WD universal with 250 CFM compressor. Ideally suited for tight areas, for example transformer yards and oil refineries. Primarily used for environmental and earth drilling.