Off-Grid Solar

We supply and install off-grid solar systems and a large range of solar pumping applications ranging from 0.55kW to 150kW.

A stand-alone power system or ‘SAPS’ is an energy supply unit made up of a renewable energy source, or sources, a battery, inverter and in most cases, back-up generation. The unit operates independently of the main electricity grid to store and deliver reliable power to a household or farm. Let the sun work for you.

We’ll travel anywhere in WA to undertake an off-grid solar obligation free quote for your property or business.

Why get off-grid solar?

  • Energy independence
  • No power outages
  • Save $
Case Studies


We installed a 100kW UPS with 2 x 180kVA generators and an automatic changeover switch. Including lighting protection with earth grid & 50kW load bank – it’s an awesome setup. Complete with remote monitoring of generator fuel flow, fuel tank level, generator monitoring, UPS State and fault conditions – you could say it’s the complete package.

Three Springs

We installed a solar pump to a low production bore plus batteries to increase the yield and give the farmer an extra 5-6 hours pumping when the sun goes down. When the sun rises there is enough energy to run the pump and charge the batteries for another day.

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